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Sound Healing

The Extra Club Singing Bowl Course is a unique healing program with the following highlights:

  1. Systematic Learning: It combines traditional Tibetan-style and the Vedic-style healing systems related to singing bowls. The course covers knowledge, techniques, mindset, and systematic practice.

  2. Healing Opportunities: Participants can experience group healing sessions led by Master Mish Master and Princess Purple-ko. These sessions include Reiki, singing bowls, gongs, and handpans.

  3. Integration with Reiki: The combination of singing bowls and Reiki is highly effective and widely practiced in Europe and the United States.

  4. Internship Opportunities: Outstanding students may receive additional practical training opportunities.

  5. Compassionate Instructors: Master Mish, founder of The Extra Club, is a passionate energy healer (internationally certified meditation Reiki master), hypnotherapist and a certified sound healing master. Her meditation teachers include former Japanese Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto and freediving champion and record holder Alexey Molchanov.  Anna trained under Master Shree Krishna, a third-generation Tibetan singing bowl therapist and an internationally certified meditation instructor.

  6. International Recognition: Graduates will receive singing bowl healing certificates recognized internationally.

This course delves into the mysteries of singing bowl healing, promoting balance and well-being for the mind, body, and spirit. 

Single Bowl Healer (6 hours, 1 day)

Theory: The Birth, Origin, and Material of the Singing Bowl


  1. How to make the bowl sing

  2.  Self-healing using single bowl

  3. Baby-pose relaxation

  4. Full body relaxation

Certification: The Extra Club -Single Bowl Healer

Expected result: Graduate will be able to perform self-healing

Singing Bowl

Singing Bowl Healer (26 hours, 3 days)

Theory: Scientific principles, chakras, body, mind, spirit, spiritual practice


  1. Energy cleansing

  2. Facial relaxation

  3. Front body relaxation

  4. Whole body relaxation

  5. 7 bowl syncronisation 

  6. Sit and relax whole body

  7. Warm water full body massage

  8. Gastrointestinal therapy

  9. Kidney warming therapy

  10. Better sleep therapy

  11. Third eye chakra

  12. 7 chakra cleansing (up, down, left and right, front and back)

  13. 7 chakras flushing (3 chakras each)

  14. 7 Chakra Activation (Chanting)

  15. 7 Chakra Energy Adjustment

  16. 7 chakra chanting purification, cleansing, purification, activation​


  • The Extra Club - Singing Bowl Healer

  • Nepal Bodhi Healing Bowl - Sound Healing and Meditation Course Level I

Expected result: Graduate will be able to perform one-on-one healing on others

Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Singing Bowl Advance Healer (16 hours, 2 days)

Theory: Central Channel, Aromatherapy


  1. Space clearing and setup

  2. Mental balance

  3. Mid-channel activation

  4. Reiki Beginner

  5. The combination of Singing Bowl and aura

  6. Combining Singing Bowl with other sound-healing instruments, e.g. the gong, tingsha etc.


  • International Centre for Reiki Training - Usui/ Tibetian Reiki i, USA 

  • The Extra Club - Usui/ Tibetian Reiki i, Hong Kong 

  • The Extra Club - Singing Bowl Advance Healer, Hong Kong

  • Nepal Bodhi Healing Bowl - Sound Healing and Meditation Course Level II

Expected result: Graduate will be able to facilitate group Singing Bowl healing sessions

Healing Therapy
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