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Sound Healing

The Extra Club Singing Bowl Course is a unique healing program with the following highlights:

  1. Systematic Learning: It combines traditional Tibetan-style and the Vedic-style healing systems related to singing bowls. The course covers knowledge, techniques, mindset, and systematic practice.

  2. Healing Opportunities: Participants can experience group healing sessions led by Master Mish Master and Princess Purple-ko. These sessions include Reiki, singing bowls, gongs, and handpans.

  3. Integration with Reiki: The combination of singing bowls and Reiki is highly effective and widely practiced in Europe and the United States.

  4. Internship Opportunities: Outstanding students may receive additional practical training opportunities.

  5. Outstanding team of instructors: Our team of exceptional Singing Bowl instructors draws inspiration and guidance from influential figures such as Master Shree Krishna, renowned Singing Bowl instructor, former Japanese Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto, and current Freediving Champion Alexey Molchanov. With diverse backgrounds in wellness, including Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Psychology, Aromatherapy, and Sports Science, our instructors offer extensive expertise in addition to their profound understanding of Sound Healing.

  6. International Recognition: Graduates will receive singing bowl healing certificates recognized internationally.

This course delves into the mysteries of singing bowl healing, promoting balance and well-being for the mind, body, and spirit. 

Single Bowl Healer (6 hours, 1 day)

Theory: The Birth, Origin, and Material of the Singing Bowl


  1. How to make the bowl sing

  2.  Self-healing using single bowl

  3. Baby-pose relaxation

  4. Full body relaxation

Certification: The Extra Club -Single Bowl Healer

Expected result: Graduate will be able to perform self-healing

Singing Bowl

Singing Bowl Healer (26 hours, 3 days)

Theory: Scientific principles, chakras, body, mind, spirit, spiritual practice


  1. Energy cleansing

  2. Facial relaxation

  3. Front body relaxation

  4. Whole body relaxation

  5. 7 bowl syncronisation 

  6. Sit and relax whole body

  7. Warm water full body massage

  8. Gastrointestinal therapy

  9. Kidney warming therapy

  10. Better sleep therapy

  11. Third eye chakra

  12. 7 chakra cleansing (up, down, left and right, front and back)

  13. 7 chakras flushing (3 chakras each)

  14. 7 Chakra Activation (Chanting)

  15. 7 Chakra Energy Adjustment

  16. 7 chakra chanting purification, cleansing, purification, activation​


  • The Extra Club - Singing Bowl Healer

  • Nepal Bodhi Healing Bowl - Sound Healing and Meditation Course Level I

Expected result: Graduate will be able to perform one-on-one healing on others

Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Singing Bowl Advance Healer (16 hours, 2 days)

Theory: Energy Healing (Reiki), Central Channel, Aromatherapy


  1. Space clearing and setup

  2. Mental balance

  3. Mid-channel activation

  4. Reiki I - Energy hygiene - setting intention, cleansing, protection, re-charging

  5. Singing Bowl and aura

  6. Integrating Singing Bowl with other sound-healing instruments, e.g. the gong, tingsha etc.


  • International Centre for Reiki Training - Usui/ Tibetian Reiki i, USA 

  • The Extra Club - Usui/ Tibetian Reiki i, Hong Kong 

  • The Extra Club - Singing Bowl Advance Healer, Hong Kong

  • Nepal Bodhi Healing Bowl - Sound Healing and Meditation Course Level II

Expected result: Graduate will be able to facilitate group Singing Bowl healing sessions

Healing Therapy
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