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Usui Reiki Energy Workshop

Any adult can learn Reiki

Relax, sleep better, reduce pain, recover faster, live a better live

Reiki is simple and easy to learn; anyone can learn it, and there are no prerequisites. Once you’ve learned, you can give Reiki to yourself or to others.

International Recognition

Certificates recognised by The International Centre of Reiki Training will be given upon graduation. 

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Usui/Tibetan Reiki Framework

Usui/ Tibetan Reiki learning can be split into 4 stages: 

  1. Reiki Meditation & Breathwork Beginner (I)

  2. Reiki Meditation & Breathwork Intermediate (II)

  3. Reiki Meditation & Breathwork Advance (III)

  4. Reiki Meditation & Breathwork Master (Master)

Reiki Beginner (I)


Become a Level I Reiki practitioner and start healing yourself and others in this one day workshop. Bonus from The Extra Club: Energy Healing with Orgonite, Energy Seasoning & Muscle Test Lv I

Duration: 6-8 hours workshop + 1 month fellowship 

  • Introduction to Reiki – history, branches, usage, how does Reiki work.

  • Introduction to chakras of human and pets.

  • Chakra system and illness.

  • Kenyoku – dry bathing.

  • Gassho Meditation that strengthens mindfulness and expands consciousness.

  • Byosen (Illness) scanning.

  • Conduct healing (Reiki I & with Healing Orgonite).

  • Receive Reiki I attunement that increase the strength of your energy and intuition.

  • How to make a blessing - Reiki I (language + Reiki I energy).

Reiki Intermediate (II)



Learn Reiki symbols and heal emotions/ unwanted habits or addictions with Reiki.  Learn energy backed by science.   Bonus from The Extra Club: Metatron's Cube Activation with Orgonite (Crystals) & Muscle Test Lv II. Clean your own personal items including crystals. 
Duration: 6-8 hours + 1 month fellowship
Pre-requisite: Reiki I

  • Reiki II symbols and their uses

  • Koki-ho – Sending reiki with breath

  • Gyoshi-ho – Sending reiki with eyes

  • Jacki-kiri Joka-ho  -Clean one’s/ object’s energy field.

  • Enkaku Chiryo – Distant healing

  • Treat emotions/ unwanted habits (e.g.  insomnia, smoking, drinking, eating disorder) for self and others using Reiki. 

  • Conduct healing (Reiki II)

  • Reiki grid using crystals to send energy to self/ others.

  • Clean your own crystals and personal items (phones, keys, wallet etc.)

  • Receive Reiki II attunement that increase the strength of your energy and intuition.

  • How to make a blessing - Reiki II (language, symbol and emotions).


Reiki Advance (III)

Life guidance from the universe

Lots of real practice to become an advance Reiki healer.  
Duration: 1
2-14 hours + 3 months fellowship

Pre-requisite: Reiki I&II 
Reiki III symbols – How to use them and practice time

  • Advance Metatron's Cube usage

  • Violet Flame

  • Connect with higher-self and spirit guides

  • Psychic surgery - allows you to remove negative psychic energy from yourself/ others 

  • Protection Sphere

  • Energy Bank - Advance techniques for using Reiki to achieve goals

  • Advanced Reiki meditation that harmonizes the energy of the chakras, strengthens mindfulness and expands consciousness

  • The values and spiritual orientation of a true Reiki Master

  • Receive Reiki III Attunement that increase the strength of your energy and intuition

  • How to make a blessing - Reiki III (5the dimension breathing + instant manifestation).


Reiki Master (Facilitator Training)


Lots of practice to become Reiki Master & Facilitator.  Learn how to perform Attunement and hold the Reiki energy space for others.  
Duration: 21 - 24 hours + 6 months fellowship
Bonus from The Extra Club: 1. Reiki Grid for love energy, 2. Download/ channel your own energy symbol, 3. Reiki Feng Shui Intro, 4. Reiki for Sound Healing Intro

  • Pre-requisite: Reiki Advance.

  • Invited by a Reiki Master

  • Learn how to give Attunements

  • The Healing attunement that can be given to anyone and directs the powerful attunement energies to heal. 

  • Advance technique to connect to Reiki

  • Activate and function at higher frequency

  • The values and spiritual orientation of a true Reiki Master

  • Pre-requisite to learn Karuna Energy

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