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Spiritual Hypnotherapy


  • 3 hours
  • 4,800 Hong Kong dollars
  • Selected by healer

Service Description

Whatsapp +852 9481 0758 to enquire/ make an appointment Spiritual hypnotherapy is a form of therapy that combines hypnosis techniques with spiritual guidance. It is used to help individuals explore their subconscious mind to uncover insights, resolve conflicts, and gain clarity on their spiritual path. This therapy can be used to work with a variety of spiritual and personal issues, such as: - Healing emotional wounds: By accessing the subconscious mind, individuals can face and resolve deep-seated emotional issues, traumas, or fears. - Overcome addiction/ Overcoming personal challenges: help people make positive changes, such as quitting smoking, addiction to sex, losing weight, or managing stress. - Past life regressions: Some individuals could explore their past lives to understand current fears, habits, or relationships. - Life between lives therapy: Helps individuals explore their 'soul state' between incarnations, potentially providing insight into their life purpose or spiritual journey. - Spiritual growth and development: deepen one's spiritual connection, develop intuition, or cultivate inner peace. It's crucial to note that the effectiveness of spiritual hypnotherapy, like any therapy, depends on the individual's openness and readiness to engage in the process. The Extra Club Spiritual Hypnotherapist are professionally trained and certified to ensure a safe and supportive experience. We reserved the right to reject case that are not suitabble for Spiritual Hypnotherapy. Price: 1 session (2-3hrs per session): $4,800, include location selected by energy healer 3 sessions (2-3hrs per session): $12,000, include location selected by energy healer Whatsapp +852 9481 0758 進行詢問或預約 靈性能量催眠是一種將催眠技術與靈性指導結合的療癒。它用於幫助個體探索他們的潛意識,以揭示洞察,解決衝突,並在他們的靈性道路上獲得清晰。這種療法可以用來處理各種靈性和個人問題,如: - 情感創傷:通過接觸潛意識,您可以面對並解決深層的情感問題,創傷,焦慮或恐懼。 - 戒癮 / 克服個人挑戰:幫助您做出積極的變化,例如戒煙,戒性成癮,減肥或管理壓力。 - 兒時創傷/ 前世回溯:幫助您探索過去生活,以理解現在的恐懼,習慣或關係。 - 找到人生義意:幫助您探索在轉世間的'靈魂狀態',可能提供對他們的生命目的或靈性旅程的洞察。 - 靈性成長和發展:加深您的靈性聯繫,發展直覺,或培養內心的和平。 注意,靈性能量催眠的有效性,就像任何療癒一樣,取決於個案的開放性和準備參與程度。量思的靈性能量催眠師都接受過專業訓練並獲得認證,以確保療癒過程是安全, 保密, 充滿愛及非批評的。我們保留拒絕不適合靈性能量催眠的個案權利。 價格: 1 節 (2-3 小時/ 節): $4,800, 包括能量催眠選擇的合適場地 3 節 (2-3 小時/ 節): $12,000, 包括能量催眠選擇的合適場地

Cancellation Policy

1. Payment is required upfront. 2. Refund is only possible if the booking is cancelled by The Extra Club. The Extra Club reserved all rights.

Contact Details


Room D, 10/F, Unionway Commercial Centre 283 Queen's Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

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