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Prophecy stone 冥想用預言石

Prophecy stone 冥想用預言石

Prophecy Stone is used for meditation, it helps activate pineal gland and increase intuition at a high vibration.  As the name suggests, prophecy stone helps those who seek guidance from higher realms regarding the future. It is excellent at helping one receive guidance about mundane, boring matters and practical choices that must be made.  It is also known to both enhance your memory and aid your thinking. In addition they may help to stimulate your ability to think more clearly.  A very wise, powerful stone.


This is an uncommon, even rare stone, that is found in only a few locations in desert regions in the middle east, and most commonly comes from a region in the Libyan Desert. 


$380 a pair.


預言石用於冥想,它有助於激活松果體並在高振動下增加直覺。顧名思義,預言石可以幫助那些尋求更高領域關於未來的指引的人。它非常擅長幫助人們接受關於平凡、無聊的事情和必須做出的實際選擇的指導。眾所周知,它可以增強您的記憶力並幫助您思考。此外,它們可能有助於激發您更清晰地思考的能力。一塊非常聰明、強大的石頭。 這是一種不常見的,甚至是稀有的石頭,僅在中東沙漠地區的幾個地方發現,最常見的是來自利比亞沙漠的一個地區。 


$380 一對

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