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What do people report after accessing the Akashic Records?

"I enjoyed a lot exploring my life journey in a relaxed manner" - Architect, Alternative Healing Specialist "I felt a loving energy and sensed the presence of my spirit guides when the records were opened." - Singing Bowl Therapist, opened Akashic Records and had a transformational experience in the past "Throughout the entire session, I experienced a powerful surge of support and love surrounding me." - Yoga Instructor, first time opening Akashic Records "I was overwhelmed by a strong energy of love and found myself crying even before asking any questions." - Marketing Specialist, first time opening Akashic Records "I felt a tingling feeling in my hand when my records were opened and I get more clarity in my life with my record keepers' advice. The answers I got this time is more direct than my previous one" - Sales, opened Akashic Records in the past

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