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Akashic Records Opening: Is it for me?

The Akashic Records Are For:

  1. Individuals who respect the sacred nature of the process. The Akashic Records are a profound spiritual tool, not a novelty to 'try out'. Both your time and your guides' time are precious. An energy exchange is required to ensure seriousness and respect for the process.

  2. Individuals seeking clarity and insights. The Akashic Records contain profound information about our past, present, and potential future. Past and future incidents may surface, not for amusement, but to assist in gaining a deeper understanding.

  3. Those who are committed to personal development. The Akashic Records can assist in uncovering patterns that hold you back and provide a broader perspective on life's experiences.

  4. Individuals ready to engage with sincerity and open to transformation. Accessing the Records is a journey of self-discovery, offering clarity and guidance for your own decision-making and life development.

  5. Those prepared to make their own decisions and set clear intentions. When engaging with your Akashic Records, you are encouraged to allow the Record keepers to provide guidance that aligns with your path and personal growth.

The Akashic Records Are Not For:

  1. Those seeking to explore past lives or the future for amusement. Accessing the Akashic Records is a serious spiritual endeavor, not a form of entertainment.

  2. Individuals expecting their spirit guides to make decisions for them. The guides can provide insights and guidance, but the ultimate decision-making responsibility lies with you.

  3. Those looking for fortune-telling or future predictions. The Akashic Records are about understanding your life in a broader context, not predicting specific outcomes. The future is full of possibilities, and it changes with your decisions.

  4. Those hoping to uncover others' secrets or expecting others to change. You cannot access others' Akashic Records, although your Records may offer insights if they overlap with others. The focus is on personal growth, not on others.

  5. Individuals not ready to respect the sacred process involved in accessing the Akashic Records. This process requires a sincere heart, openness, and respect for the profound wisdom they hold. If you do not believe in it, it is unlikely to be beneficial for you.

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