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Holistic Wellness - Macau

Body-weight fitness training |  Assisted stretching  |  Energy meditation

Time: 6:30 to 7:30pm

Meetup location: Av. View of Lake Nam Van (Near the white tent)

Fees: Pay as you wish (Cash/ mPay +853 6859 7928)

How to register? Contact +853 6859 7928 and join wechat group

At Av. View of Lake Nam Van by the lake with the amazing view and energy, participants will enjoy the sunset, breathe in fresh air and connect themselves with mother Gaia. Participants will follow coach Mish, our American Council of Exercise certified fitness trainer and Reiki energy master for a medium intensity workout to increase energy, then assisted stretches to improve range of motion and end with a guided meditation to source joy, love and peace energy from the universe.     


The experience is designed for less active participants to have a taste of holistic wellness practice focusing on strength, mobility, mental wellness and connecting with people including themselves in an hour. 


Most reported benefits by participants include feeling relaxed and peaceful, increased energy level, reduced shoulders stiffness, reduced back pain, better sleep quality, improved emotional resilience, higher productivity in daily life, feeling happier!



1. Participant shall be above 18 years old. 

2. The event is subject to weather condition.  


Preparation required: 

1. Bring your own exercise mat/ towel and water 

2. Wear workout outfit with a big smile 

3. Leave us your mobile contact number. We will reach out to you via whatsapp regarding exact location/ time/ weather condition 

4. Have 'Green Code' (Vaccine Pass Requirements Met) on Macau Health app. If you have covid symptoms, please stay home and rest for speedy recovery


時間: 6:30 - 7:30pm

地點: 南灣湖  (近白色帳篷)

收費: 如您所願  (Cash/ mPay +853 6859 7928)

參加方法: 聯絡 +853 6859 7928 加入 wechat group 

在南灣湖, 景色令人驚嘆,充滿活力,參與者將享受日落,呼吸新鮮空氣,並與蓋亞母親聯繫。參與者將跟隨 Mish 教練 - 美國認證健身教練和靈氣能量大師, 進行中強度鍛煉以增加能量,然後輔助伸展運動以改善運動範圍,並以引導冥想結束,從宇宙中獲取快樂、愛與和平的能量。







1. 參加者須年滿 18 歲。

2. 活動視天氣情況而定。



1. 帶上你自己的運動墊/毛巾和水

2. 穿著帶著燦爛笑容的運動裝

3. 留下您的手機聯絡號碼。我們將通過whatsapp與您聯繫,了解確切的位置/時間/天氣狀況

4. 已在澳門健康應用程式上擁有“綠碼”(符合疫苗通行證要求)。如果您有新冠病毒症狀,請留在家中休息以早日康復

Location / 地圖 

Av. View of Lake Nam Van (Near the white tent) / 南灣湖  (近白色帳篷)


Body-weight fitness training

Body weight training is an effective way of achieving results as the participant will learn how to exercise anytime anywhere to tone up muscles and condition to enjoy their daily lives at office, at home and on holidays. This is designed to help our participants look great and feel great in their wedding/ power dresses. It also increases energy for daily life, improves sleep quality and reduces stress. Intensity will be adjusted according to participant's level and goals.

Assisted stretching

Assisted stretching will increase range of motion for sports performance/ daily life. It will help speed up recovery after fitness trainings and reduce cramps. Together with your partner or your bestie, it will be a nice bonding activity connecting with each other and to reduce stress. The stretch is adjusted to each participant's level and participants at any fitness level are welcomed. If you enjoy Thai massage, you will probably enjoy assisted stretching.


Energy meditation

This will lift your spirit and ease your stressed body. We help you get there using energy breathing methodology that will balance your chakras. You don’t need to be spiritual, religious, or interested in the supernatural to benefit. You don't even need to sweat. Just relax and let us balance your chakras with divine love from the universe.

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