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Corporate wellness needs assessment

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  1. Demographic Information: Collect basic demographic information such as age, gender, department, and job role. This helps in understanding the diverse needs within your workforce.

  2. Current Health Status and Behaviors: Ask about current health habits like exercise routines, diet, sleep patterns, and tobacco or alcohol use.

  3. Stress Levels: Understand the level of stress employees are experiencing, and what the primary sources of stress are.

  4. Interest in Wellness Activities: Gauge interest in potential wellness program components. For example, you could ask about interest in fitness classes, nutrition workshops, mental health resources, etc.

  5. Barriers to Wellness: Ask about what prevents employees from adopting healthier behaviors. This could be lack of time, lack of access to resources, or lack of knowledge.

  6. Preferred Modes of Delivery: Understand how employees would like wellness program information to be delivered—via email, mobile app, workshops, etc.

  7. Incentives: Ask what types of incentives might motivate employees to participate in the wellness program.

  8. Work Environment: Understand the impact of the work environment on employees' physical and mental health.

  9. Confidentiality Concerns: Address any concerns employees might have about the confidentiality of their health information.

  10. Feedback and Suggestions: Provide an open-ended section for employees to share any additional thoughts or suggestions related to the wellness program.

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