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Singing Bowl blessed with love and abundance 以愛和豐盛祝福的手製頌缽

Singing Bowl blessed with love and abundance 以愛和豐盛祝福的手製頌缽

Handmade Singing Bowl blessed with love and abundance


Experience the enchantment of our Nepal Handmade Singing Bowls. Handpicked, cleansed, and blessed with love and abundance by our energy healers, each bowl resonates with soothing tones, promoting relaxation, healing, and cleaning of energy. Crafted by skilled artisans, these exquisite bowls serve as both musical instruments and beautiful decorative pieces, enhancing your meditative practice. Connect with a profound spiritual heritage and elevate your spiritual journey with the harmonious energy of our sacred treasures from Nepal.


FREE gifts for Chakra Set purchase: Mallets, Striker, Singing Bowl mat, and a 10-minute quick tutorial with every Chakra Set purchase! 
The 10-minute tutorial is designed to help you get started and make the most of your singing bowl experience. It covers essential techniques, including how to hold the bowl, strike it with the mallet, and create sustained sounds by rubbing the rim. Whether you're new to singing bowls or looking to refine your skills, this tutorial will enhance your understanding and proficiency. Enhance your sound healing journey effortlessly and learn how to use your Chakra Set effectively in just minutes.  


Chakra Set - 7x Large (~27 - 40cm)     HKD 42,000+ 
Chakra Set - 7x Medium (~17 - 20cm)    HKD 22,000+ 
Chakra Set - 7x Small    HKD 9,800+
13cm or below    HKD 680+
16-20cm    HKD 1,980+
21-23cm    HKD 2,200+ *** Recommend for beginner/ first bowl
24-25cm    HKD 3,000+
26-28cm    HKD 4,000+
29-30cm    HKD 4,500+
31-34cm    HKD 5,500+
35-37cm    HKD 6,000+
38-40cm    HKD 7,000+





脈輪套裝 - 7個大號(約27-40cm) HKD 42,000+
脈輪套裝 - 7個中號(約17-20cm) HKD 22,000+
脈輪套裝 - 7個小號 HKD 9,800+
13cm或以下 HKD 680+
16-20cm HKD 1,980+
21-23cm HKD 2,200+ *** 推薦給初學者/第一個缽
24-25cm HKD 3,000+
26-28cm HKD 4,000+
29-30cm HKD 4,500+
31-34cm HKD 5,500+
35-37cm HKD 6,000+
38-40cm HKD 7,000+



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