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Arranged by the universe - HK Island

Reiki 靈氣 I

Relax, sleep better, recover faster, live a better live

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Reiki 靈氣 I
Reiki 靈氣 I


2023年12月02日 11:00 – GMT+8 20:00

Arranged by the universe - HK Island, Hong Kong Island


可要求中文教材 Chinese materials available upon request

Several studies (including those from Harvard University) have confirmed that Reiki can improve sleep, relax the mind and body, and alleviate pain, anxiety, and depression. Reiki is simple to learn; anyone can learn it without any prerequisites. After completing the beginner's course, you can impart Reiki to yourself or others. The course includes many interesting experiential practices, breathing techniques, and dynamic meditation.

Testimonials from students who have completed the course include:

      "I saw my past lives so vividely that made me understand how to overcome my challenges in my life now!"

      "After completing the course, I no longer need to take medication to fall asleep!"

      "I used to feel a bit suffocated in my chest, but after receiving healing from a classmate, I feel much better!"

      "I twisted my back muscle while exercising yesterday, but after receiving Reiki healing, it feels much looser and not so painful!"

      "Food tastes better, I've never found the same bowl of noodles so delicious before!"

      "My partner has been nicer to me. Normally he doesn't have time for me, but today he actually asked me out for dinner, I'm so happy!"

Location: Hong Kong Island, we ask the universe to arrange the best place for us for our learning.  Exact location to be provided to registered participants only.  Please allow the universe to guide usbe a bit flexible.  We will provide drinks and light refreshments.  

Reiki Beginner (I)

Become a Level I Reiki practitioner and start treating yourself and others in this one day workshop. Bonus from The Extra Club: Energy Seasoning & Human Lie Detector I

-  Introduction to Reiki – history, branches, usage, how does Reiki work.

-  Introduction to chakras of human and pets.

-  Chakra system and illness.

-  Kenyoku – dry bathing.

-  Gassho Meditation that strengthens mindfulness and expands consciousness.

-  Byosen scanning.

-  Conduct healing (Reiki I).

-  Receive Reiki I attunement that increase the strength of your energy and intuition.

-  How to make a blessing - Reiki I (language + Reiki I).

Reiki Intermediate (II) 

Learn Reiki symbols and heal emotions/ unwanted habits or addictions with Reiki.  Learn energy backed by science.   

Bonus from The Extra Club: Metatron's Cube Activation & Human Lie Detector II 

Pre-requisite: Reiki I

  -  Reiki II symbols and their uses

  -  Koki-ho – Sending reiki with breath

  -  Gyoshi-ho – Sending reiki with eyes

  -  Jacki-kiri Joka-ho  -Clean one’s/ object’s energy field.

  -  Enkaku Chiryo – Distant healing

  -  Treat emotions/ unwanted habits (e.g.  insomnia, smoking, drinking, eating disorder) for self and others using Reiki.

  -  Conduct healing (Reiki II)

  -  Metatron's cube using crystals/ orgonite to send energy to self/ others.

  -  Receive Reiki II attunement that increase the strength of your energy and intuition.

  -  How to make a blessing - Reiki II (language, symbol and emotions).

Taught by Mish:

  -  International Certified Reiki & Karuna EnergyMaster

  -  International Certified Fitness & Stretching Instructor

  -  5 stars hotels and temple meditation coach and sound therapist

  -  National Kendo Champion, learned meditation from ex-Japan Prime Minister and breathwork from ex-freediving record keepers and champions

  -  Ex-business management executive, pilot and management consultant

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