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9 Lung Wo Rd, Central, Hong Kong

New Year Reiki Blessing

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New Year Reiki Blessing
New Year Reiki Blessing


2024年1月07日 11:00 – 12:00

9 Lung Wo Rd, Central, Hong Kong


Sponsored by AIA Carnival and The Extra Club - creating happiness for you and your loved ones!

Event content: 

1. Reiki blessing with Singing Bowl, Orgonite and Metatrone's Cube

2. Reiki divination with Oracle Cards, Pendulum

3. Reiki Sound bath - Gong, Singing Bowl, Handpan

4. Enjoy AIA Carnival on the day

To participate: 

1. Send us full name of guests on whatsapp +852 9481 0758

2. Like and follow our Instagram & Facebook

3. On Instagram, our post, comment and tag 3 friends and @aiacarnival

4. On Facebook, out post, comment and share to 3 friends and @aiacarnival

Meet-up info (for registered participants only):

1. Meet-up at 10:30am to 10:45am at AIA Carnival Entrance, look for our reception team with 'The Extra Club' sign.

Win amazing giveaways and bless your loved ones!


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