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Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

New Moon Reiki Meditation

Embrace Renewal & Healing

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New Moon Reiki Meditation
New Moon Reiki Meditation


2023年10月15日 19:30 – 20:30

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


New Moon Reiki Meditation: Embrace Renewal & Healing

Join us for a rejuvenating one-hour New Moon Reiki Meditation session, meant to align your energies with the moon's phase of new beginnings. 🌑✨

As the moon begins a fresh cycle, so can we. This event is designed to help you harness the transformative power of the new moon, amplifying your intentions and paving the way for personal growth and healing.

Our experienced Reiki practitioner will guide you through a gentle meditation, invoking the universal life force energy of Reiki to cleanse, balance, and revitalize your energy centers.

In the peaceful ambiance, you'll be immersed in soothing sounds and healing energy, promoting deep relaxation and a sense of inner peace. This is an opportunity to release old patterns and set new, positive intentions for the coming lunar cycle.

No prior experience with Reiki or meditation is necessary. All you need is a quiet space and an open mind.

Come, let's welcome the new moon with a renewed spirit and enlightened heart. 🌑💫

Energy exchange: 

As you contemplate your contribution for this event, we invite you to engage with the moon and reflect on how much you feel called to give. Could it be 333, 666, or 999?

  • 333 - A call to fulfil your life's purpose.
  • 666 - A reminder to align your thoughts, actions, and goals harmoniously, and to refocus on your spirituality and inner peace.
  • 999 - Signifies the end of a chapter and the dawn of a new one, which could relate to personal growth, career, relationships, or spiritual development. It's a call to serve others and use your natural abilities to foster positive change and healing in the world.

Remember, this is a part of your energy and personal growth journey. You're already on the path. Trust your intuition and enjoy the journey. 🙏🏽

Location: Hong Kong Island. The exact location will be disclosed to participants.

新月靈氣冥想:擁抱更新與療癒 我們誠邀您參加一小時的新月靈氣冥想環節,旨在調整您的能量以符合新月的新開始階段。🌑✨ 月亮開始新的週期,我們也可以。這次活動旨在幫助您利用新月的轉化力量,放大您的意圖,為個人成長和療癒鋪平道路。 我們經驗豐富的靈氣使用者將引導您進行溫和的冥想,調用靈氣的宇宙生命力能量來清潔、平衡和振興您的能量中心。 在寧靜的氛圍中,您將沉浸在舒緩的聲音和療癒能量中,促進深度放鬆和內心的平靜。這是一個釋放舊模式並為來月的月亮周期設定新的、積極的意圖的機會。 無需先前的靈氣或冥想經驗。您所需的只是一個安靜的空間和開放的心態。 來吧,讓我們以更新的精神和開明的心迎接新月。🌑💫

能量交換: 當您考慮為這次活動做出的貢獻時,我們邀請您與月亮對話,反思您感召出的奉獻金額應該是多少。可能是333、666還是999?

  • 333 - 呼喚您實現生命的目標。
  • 666 - 提醒您和諧地調整您的思想、行為和目標,並重新專注於您的靈性和內在的平靜。
  • 999 - 標誌著一個章節的結束和新的開始,這可能與個人成長、職業、關係或靈性發展有關。這是一個呼喚,呼籲您服務他人,並利用您的天賦來促進世界的積極變化和療癒。




  • New Moon Meditation

    從 HK$333.00 到 HK$999.00
    • HK$333.00
    • HK$666.00
    • HK$999.00




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