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Mid-Autumn Full Moon Energy Activation 中秋節滿月能量激活

Harmonize Your Life: Unlock Wellness, Wealth, and Well-being with Full Moon Energy 和諧生活:透過滿月能量,開啟健康、財富與幸福之門

Mid-Autumn Full Moon Energy Activation 中秋節滿月能量激活
Mid-Autumn Full Moon Energy Activation 中秋節滿月能量激活


2024年9月17日 22:00 – 23:00

Online - Zoom


Full Moon Energy Activation 

Experience the transformative power of combining Reiki and Full Moon Energy activation! This unique blend is designed to harmonize and enhance your body's natural healing abilities, addressing a range of concerns from physical health to emotional and spiritual well-being.

Join us online, connect with like-minded individuals and harness the energy of the full moon and reiki to manifest your goals. Let's come together virtually to support each other and create positive change in our lives. Don't miss out on this transformative experience!

When: 17 Sep 2024, 10 - 11pm

Where: Online - Zoom

Investment in your well-being: First 3 to register $222/ pax, $333/ pax, $499 / 2 pax

Booking essential online


  • Instagram: the_extra_club
  • Whatsapp +852 9481 0758


  • Stress Release & Goal Setting: Begin by identifying personal stressors and setting achievable professional and personal goals that focus on your individual growth.
  • Energy Attunement Ceremony: Receive a specialized energy attunement from Mish Wu, designed to enhance your energy flow for optimal stress relief and goal manifestation.
  • Guided Meditation and Manifestation Ritual: Engage in a guided meditation and a Reiki energy-enhanced manifestation ritual to significantly amplify your intentions.

Key benefits: 

  • Better Sleep: Dive into a deeper, more restorative sleep by calming your mind and reduce stress, helping to reset your sleep cycle. 
  • Enhanced Relaxation: Achieve a profound state of relaxation. This session gently releases tension from the body, soothing the nervous system, and fostering a peaceful mental state. 
  • Serious Illness Recovery: Support your recovery from serious illnesses by enhancing your body’s energy flow, which can strengthen the immune system and accelerate the healing process. 
  • Money Blockages Cleansing: Address and clear subconscious energy blockages related to finances, fostering a mindset that attracts prosperity and removes obstacles to financial success. 
  • Career Blockages Cleansing: Unblock paths in your professional life, enhancing clarity and motivation, and opening doors to new opportunities and career advancements. 
  • Relationship Blockages Cleansing: Heal and improve relationships by resolving emotional wounds and misunderstandings. This session helps to clear blockages that hinder communication and trust, fostering deeper connections and harmony.

Your facilitator - Mish

Mish is a highly skilled holistic health coach with over 20 years of experience in meditation and wellness. She has obtained a Master of Science degree from the UK and holds certifications as a Usui, Karuna and Kundalini Reiki Master, Sound Healing Master, Hypnotherapist, and fitness trainer. Mish expertly combines scientifically proven methods with energy healing to help individuals improve sleep, enhance performance, recover from trauma and serious illnesses, and achieve personal transformation. Her comprehensive and integrative approach to health and fitness establishes her as a trusted advisor for those on their path to better health.


Please get yourself organised with the camera and Zoom setup at a private and quiet space before joining the call to ensure our time as a group runs smoothly.  

You will need a chair where you can sit up straight and the facilitator can see your upper body clearly with proper lighting. 




時間:2024年9月17日,下午 10 至 11

地點:線上 - Zoom 

心靈健康投資:前3位註冊者每人$222, $333/ 位,  $499/ 2 位



  • Instagram: the_extra_club 
  • Whatsapp +852 9481 0758


  • 壓力釋放與目標設定: 首先識別個人的壓力源並設定專注於個人成長的可實現的專業與個人目標。
  • 能量調頻儀式: 接受金蕉 Master 設計的專門能量調頻,旨在增強你的能量流動,達到最佳的壓力釋放和目標實現效果。
  • 引導冥想和顯化儀式: 參與引導冥想和靈氣能量增強的顯化儀式,顯著放大你的意圖。


  • 更好的睡眠: 通過平靜心智和減少壓力,沉浸在更深層、更恢復性的睡眠中,有助於重置你的睡眠週期。
  • 增強的放鬆: 達到深刻的放鬆狀態。此環節溫和地釋放身體緊張,撫慰神經系統,促進心理狀態的平和。
  • 嚴重疾病恢復: 通過增強身體的能量流動支持你從嚴重疾病中恢復,這可以加強免疫系統並加速療愈過程。
  • 金錢障礙清理: 處理並清除與財務相關的潛意識能量障礙,培養吸引財富的心態,消除財務成功的障礙。
  • 職業障礙清理: 在你的職業生涯中清除障礙,增強清晰度和動力,開啟新的機會和職業進步的大門。
  • 關係障礙清理: 通過解決情感創傷和誤解來治愈和改善關係。此環節有助於清除阻礙溝通和信任的障礙,促進更深層的聯繫和和諧。

您的引導者 - 金蕉 Master

金蕉 Master 是一位技術高超的整體健康教練,擁有超過 20 年的冥想和健康保健經驗。她在英國獲得了科學碩士學位,並擁有 Usui、Karuna 和 Kundalini Reiki Master、聲音療愈師、催眠治療師和健身教練的認證。金蕉 Master專業地結合科學驗證的方法與能量療愈,幫助個人改善睡眠、提升表現、從創傷和嚴重疾病中恢復,並實現個人轉變。她全面且整合的健康與健身方法,使她成為那些在通往更好健康道路上的人們的值得信賴的顧問。

準備: 請在加入通話前,安排好攝像頭和Zoom設置,並在一個私密且安靜的空間進行,以確保我們作為一個群體的時間能夠順利進行。 你將需要一把椅子,能讓你坐直,並讓引導者能夠清楚地看到你的上半身並有適當的照明。


  • Early Bird

    • HK$222.00
      +HK$5.55 服務費
    • Adult

      +HK$8.33 服務費
    • Adult 2x

      • HK$499.00
        +HK$12.48 服務費




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