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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions - Photoshooting - Usage Right

Thanks a lot for engaging us as your photographer.  


Being able to share the photographs we capture is an essential part of running a photography business – after all, seeing our work is usually one of the main reasons clients book us! 

You, as our client, has the usage right of the photos (you use the way you want it) after you have settled the payment, while our photographers reserved the copyright, ownership and other rights to release the photos on our network which will also help promote your organisation.    We are the author of the unaltered photos and please credit us when using the photos shot by us.  Please contact us for a quote if you would like to purchase the copyright and other rights.

We as owners of the photos, may use the photos for: 

1. Photography qualifications and awards
2. Editorial (e.g. blog about your shoot on
3. website (e.g. on our portfolio)
4. Business promotion (e.g. leaflets, brochures, adverts, postcards etc)
5. Social Media (e.g. a sneak peek from your shoot on Instagram & Facebook)


You grant the photographer full creative licence to shoot, select images, edit images and deliver them in the style and method chosen by the photographer and reflective of the style and quality advertised by the photographer.


The photographer asserts the right to be credited as the author of the photos for the photos that are not altered. The copyright and all other rights in the photos shall belong to the photographer unless it is purchased separately by the client via The Extra Club Limited.  Any unauthorised reproduction or modification of any images will constitute a breach of copyright. 

If you wish to share photographs for marketing purpose/ to your own network (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, blog or any other online channels) you agree to do so only once you have purchased and paid for them. In addition, wherever possible, you agree to include our company’s name (The Extra Club Limited) and Instagram (@the_extra_club_shots) or Website ( in your posts for the unaltered photos.  


Payment is due 2 days prior to the photoshoot.  The Client shall only start using the photos post the payments.  The payment can be settled via the following methods.


  • Account Number: 47414065449

  • Bank code: 003

  • Branch code: 474

  • Bank name: Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd


The Extra Club will keep all images on archive for one month from the date of your photo shoot session, after which they may be permanently deleted.

It is your responsibility to backup any digital files you receive. Please create multiple backups on different devices, and ensure the safe keeping of any prints, albums or other products. 

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