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Akashic (Sky) Record Opening

阿卡西 (天空) 記錄閱讀

  • 1 h
  • 2,222 Hong Kong dollars
  • Hong Kong Admiralty/ Wan Chai, 香港金鐘/ 灣仔

Service Description

Grow personally and spiritually by gaining clarity on health, career, love, and dreams! Embark on a transformative journey with the Akashic Records. These records, believed to be an energetic archive of every soul's experiences, serve as a "Book of Life." The session begins with an aura cleansing, preparing you for the connection with universal consciousness. Your guide will educate you on formulating questions for the Akashic Record Keepers - spiritual entities with profound knowledge of your life. In this serene session, you'll access universal consciousness, enhance intuition, and gain insights on personal growth areas like health, career, love, and dreams. Experience emotional healing, release old patterns, and gain empowerment in this setting. The Akashic Records allow you to understand your past, present, and potential future in a love-filled, safe space for exploration. After accessing the records, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions about the experience. The session concludes with a post-session discussion and life coaching, integrating the wisdom gained to manifest positively in your life. This unique experience offers deep insights, personal growth, and a deeper connection to your spiritual path. 通過對健康、職業、愛情和夢想獲得清晰的認識,從而在個人和精神上成長! 踏上與阿卡西(梵文天空的意思)記錄的變革之旅。這些記錄,被認為是每個靈魂經驗的能量檔案,被視為"生命之書"。該會議以清理氣場開始,為您與宇宙意識的連接做好準備。 您的指導者將教您如何為阿卡西記錄保管者—擁有您生活深厚知識的靈性實體—構造問題。在這個寧靜的會議中,您將接觸宇宙意識,提升直覺,並獲得有關健康,職業,愛情和夢想等個人成長領域的見解。 在這個環境中體驗情感療癒,釋放舊的模式,並在這個充滿愛,安全的探索空間中獲得掌權。阿卡西記錄使您能夠理解過去,現在和可能的未來。 在接觸記錄後,您將有機會提出有關經驗的問題。會議以會後討論和人生教練結束,將獲得的智慧融入生活中,使之在您的生活中產生積極影響。這種獨特的體驗提供深層的洞察力,個人成長,並與您的精神道路深度連接。

Cancellation Policy

1. Payment is required upfront. 2. Refund is only possible if the booking is cancelled by The Extra Club. The Extra Club reserved all rights.

Contact Details

  • 1 Electric Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


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