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Energy change/ release symptoms

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

As the energy cleanses the energy channels, we may begin to feel overwhelmed with love, bliss, gratitude, joy, and ecstatic states and feel the intensity and purity of our aliveness and vitality. 

Changing/ releasing energy can express itself in various ways. It may sometimes be subtle and silent, but others can be more dramatic and visible.  We may experience inner trembling, changing body temperature. We may cough. We may shake and cry, or be quiet and still process the energy.  

How our body, mind, and soul responds to the release can be profound. Pain may disappear, you may experience surges of passion, power, a newfound love for life and others. You may try things you haven't tried before. You may feel calmer, more relaxed and at ease with life, feeling supported from the universe. 


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