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Before energy meditation

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

  1. Take few minutes to ground and settle into your space

  2. No coffee, alcohol or other medication at least 1 hour before the meditation session (so you are not disturbed by the urge going to bathroom)

  3. Eat lightly before; an empty stomach is best- you don't want to be using your energy digesting food. Ideally stop food intake 1 hour before meditation. As a minimum, your last bite should be 30 minutes before meditation starts.  This is also one of the reason why meditating in the morning first thing you wake up is a good practice.

  4. You can sit on a chair with backrest with feet touching the ground or lay down on a yoga mat in Shavasana pose - lay down, belly and palms facing up, hands on the side of your body. These stable positions allow you to totally relax and avoid sudden movements that may disturb your practice. 

  5. Have some water, crystals, tissues, and incense and set up your sacred space as you wish. 

  6. Meditate with an open mind and heart

  7. Be undisturbed, and have some privacy

  8. Wear a smile on your face

If you are being coached online: 

  1. Check connection / reception is stable

  2. Have Zoom installed

  3. Turn low light on so meditation coach can see your face without you holding the device

  4. Make sure your devices are charged

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