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Sat, Jan 20


For registered participants only

Reiki 靈氣 I & II

靈氣 I & II - 改善睡眠,放鬆身心,減輕疼痛, 焦慮,抑鬱 Relax, sleep better, recover faster, live a better live

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Reiki 靈氣 I & II
Reiki 靈氣 I & II

Time & Location

Jan 20, 2024, 11:00 AM GMT+8 – Jan 21, 2024, 8:00 PM GMT+8

For registered participants only, For registered participants only

About the event

多項研究 (包括哈佛大學的) 證實靈氣能改善睡眠,放鬆身心,減輕疼痛, 焦慮,抑鬱。 靈氣簡單易學;任何人都可以學習,沒有任何先決條件。完成初班後,你就可以將靈氣傳授給自己或他人。課程包括很多有趣體驗式練習, 呼吸法及動態冥想。


     "完成課程後, 之前要食藥才能入睡, 現在不用了!"

     "之前心口有D 悶住的感覺, 被同學療癒完舒服了很多!"

     "昨天做運動扭傷了背肌, 被靈氣療癒完感覺鬆了很多, 沒那麼痛了!"

     "食物變好食了, 從來未試過食同一碗麵覺得這麼好吃! "

     "伴侶對自己好了, 平時沒空陪我, 今日居然約我食飯, 很開心!"




以身體為主題- 認識能量對身體的影響,有效地清理沈重能量和平衡方法,大部份同學在修習1星期內,馬上可以觀察到身體能量好轉反應. 學習更了解自己、更愛自己. 量思加送 能量調味料人肉測謊肌 I.  




Kenyoku – 快速淨化方法



進行治療(靈氣 I)

接收靈氣等級 I (Attunment),增加你的能量和直覺的力量

如何施加祝福 - 靈氣一級(語言 + 靈氣 I),運用潛意識加強自己運氣


靈氣中班 (II) 

打破故有信念和限制,開發我們與宇宙之間的潛能. 學習靈氣符號並用靈氣治愈情緒/不良習慣或成癮. 以科學解釋能量. 量思加送 7 星陣啟動 及 人肉測謊肌 II.  

先決條件:完成靈氣 I 初班

  -  靈氣 II 符號及其用途

  -  Koki-ho – 用呼吸發送靈氣

  -  Gyoshi-ho – 用眼睛發送靈氣

  -  Jacki-kiri Joka-ho -清潔一個人/物體的能量場。

  -  Enkaku Chiryo - 遙遠的治療

  -  使用靈氣治療自己和他人的情緒/不良習慣(例如失眠、吸煙、飲酒)。

  -  進行治療(靈氣 II)

  -  靈氣網格使用水晶向自己/他人發送能量。

  -  直覺的強度。獲得靈氣 II 點化 (Attunment),增加你的能量和

  -  如何施加祝福 - 靈氣二級(語言、符號和情感)。

由Mish 老師教授:   

-  國際認證的靈氣和Karuna能量大師

-  國際頂級認證健身教練

-  國際頂級認證催眠師

-  五星級酒店的冥想教練和音療師 

-  全國劍道冠軍,從前日本首相那裡學習冥想  

-  前銀行家,飛行員和管理顧問

Several studies (including those from Harvard University) have confirmed that Reiki can improve sleep, relax the mind and body, and alleviate pain, anxiety, and depression. Reiki is simple to learn; anyone can learn it without any prerequisites. After completing the beginner's course, you can impart Reiki to yourself or others. The course includes many interesting experiential practices, breathing techniques, and dynamic meditation.

Testimonials from students who have completed the course include:

      "After completing the course, I no longer need to take medication to fall asleep!"

      "I used to feel a bit suffocated in my chest, but after receiving healing from a classmate, I feel much better!"

      "I twisted my back muscle while exercising yesterday, but after receiving Reiki healing, it feels much looser and not so painful!"

      "Food tastes better, I've never found the same bowl of noodles so delicious before!"

      "My partner has been nicer to me. Normally he doesn't have time for me, but today he actually asked me out for dinner, I'm so happy!"

Exact location to be provided to registered participants only.

Learn more about Reiki

Reiki Beginner (I)

Become a Level I Reiki practitioner and start treating yourself and others in this one day workshop. Bonus from The Extra Club: Energy Seasoning & Human Lie Detector I

  -  Introduction to Reiki – history, branches, usage, how does Reiki work.

  -  Introduction to chakras of human and pets.

  -  Chakra system and illness.

  -  Kenyoku – dry bathing.

  -  Gassho Meditation that strengthens mindfulness and expands consciousness.

  -  Byosen scanning.

  -  Conduct healing (Reiki I).

  -  Receive Reiki I attunement that increase the strength of your energy and intuition.

  -  How to make a blessing - Reiki I (language + Reiki I).

Reiki Intermediate (II) 

Learn Reiki symbols and heal emotions/ unwanted habits or addictions with Reiki.  Learn energy backed by science.   

Bonus from The Extra Club: Metatron's Cube Activation & Human Lie Detector II 

Pre-requisite: Reiki I

  -  Reiki II symbols and their uses

  -  Koki-ho – Sending reiki with breath

  -  Gyoshi-ho – Sending reiki with eyes

  -  Jacki-kiri Joka-ho  -Clean one’s/ object’s energy field.

  -  Enkaku Chiryo – Distant healing

  -  Treat emotions/ unwanted habits (e.g.  insomnia, smoking, drinking, eating disorder) for self and others using Reiki.

  -  Conduct healing (Reiki II)

  -  Reiki grid using crystals to send energy to self/ others.

  -  Receive Reiki II attunement that increase the strength of your energy and intuition.

  -  How to make a blessing - Reiki II (language, symbol and emotions).

Taught by Mish:

  -  International Certified Reiki & Karuna EnergyMaster

  -  International Certified Fitness & Stretching Instructor

  -  International Certified Hypnotherapist

  - 5 stars hotels meditation coach and sound therapist

  -  National Kendo Champion, learned meditation from ex-Japan Prime Minister

  -  Ex-banker, pilot and management consultant


  • 9 hours

    Reiki I - Hong Kong

  • 9 hours

    Reiki II - Hong Kong


  • Reiki I or II

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  • Reiki I&II

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  • Reiki I bring a friend (2 pax)

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