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Palo Santo Sticks 聖木條

Palo Santo Sticks 聖木條

Experience the authentic, rich aroma of our Palo Santo sticks (a set of 3), imported directly from the mystical landscapes of Peru. These sacred sticks offer enduring use of 1 to 3 months, providing excellent value. Renowned for their natural mosquito repelling properties, these Palo Santo sticks also serve to create a calming ambiance, helping to raise your vibration and enhance your overall well-being. Immerse in the serene, spiritual experience of Palo Santo and transform your space into a peaceful sanctuary.


體驗我們直接從神秘的秘魯輸入的聖木條 (3 支裝) 的真正豐富香氣。這些神聖的香柱提供1至3個月的持久使用,提供出色的價值。這些Palo Santo香柱以其天然的驅蚊特性而聞名,也可創造出平靜的氛圍,幫助提高您的振動並提升您的整體健康。沉浸在聖木的寧靜,精神體驗中,將您的空間轉變為和平的聖殿。

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