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Hong Kong Island

Reiki I Workshop (HK) 靈氣 I 工作坊 (香港

Relax, sleep better, reduce pain, recover faster, live a better live

Reiki I Workshop (HK) 靈氣 I 工作坊 (香港
Reiki I Workshop (HK) 靈氣 I 工作坊 (香港


2024年8月17日 12:00 – GMT+8 19:00

Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong - guided by the Universe


Reiki Beginner (I)


Understanding the impact of energy on the body and healing oneself. Receive Level I energy activation.  Most students observe improvements in their body's energy response within a week of practice.

Bonus: Healing with orgonite (crystals), energy seasoning, and muscle testing (applied kinesiology) I.

Duration: One day, 6-8 hours + 1-month discussion group

  • Introduction to Reiki: History, branches, uses, and how Reiki works
  • Introduction to Chakras: For both humans and pets
  • Chakra System and Diseases
  • Dry Bath (Kenyoku): Quick cleansing method
  • Gassho Meditation: Enhancing mindfulness and expanding awareness
  • Byosen Scanning: Scanning for energy blockages
  • Performing Healing (Reiki I)
  • Receiving Reiki I Attunement: Boosting your energy and awareness
  • How to Give Blessings: Reiki I level, enhancing manifestation

Reiki Intermediate (II)


Breaking through old beliefs and limitations, developing compassion and unlocking our potential. Learn to heal others remotely, use Reiki to heal emotions, bad habits, or addictions. Scientific explanation of energy.

Bonus: Activation of Metatron's Cube and muscle testing (applied kinesiology) II.

Duration: One day, 6-8 hours + 1-month discussion group

Prerequisite: Completion of Reiki I

  • Reiki II Symbols and Their Uses
  • Koki-ho: Sending Reiki with breath
  • Gyoshi-ho: Sending Reiki with eyes
  • Jacki-kiri Joka-ho: Cleansing a person/object's energy field
  • Enkaku Chiryo: Distance healing
  • Healing Emotions/Bad Habits: (e.g., insomnia, smoking, drinking)
  • Performing Healing (Reiki II)
  • Metatron's Cube Activation: Sending energy to oneself/others using crystals
  • Using Reiki Metatron's Cube: Cleaning your crystals and personal items (phone, keys, wallet, etc.)
  • Receiving Reiki II Attunement: Boosting your energy and awareness
  • How to Give Blessings: Reiki II level, enhancing manifestation

Reiki Advance (III)

Embrace Abundance and Receive Cosmic Guidance

Rediscover yourself through energy, including our body, behavior, thoughts, emotions, and spirituality. Cleanse past emotional trauma memories, create a harmonious state of mind. Heal yourself first, then others, becoming an excellent healer.

Bonus: Reiki divination, unique Reiki breathwork for awakening spiritual power (exclusive to our program).

Prerequisite: Reiki II

Duration: Two days, 12-14 hours + 3-month discussion group

  • Advanced Metatron's Cube
  • Violet Fire Breathwork
  • Connecting with Spirit Guides and Higher Self: Receiving cosmic messages
  • Reiki III Symbols: How to use them and practice time
  • Psychic Surgery: Removing negative spiritual energies from oneself/others
  • Advanced Protection Sphere
  • Advanced Reiki Meditation: Coordinating chakra energy, enhancing mindfulness, and expanding awareness
  • Receiving Reiki III Attunement: Boosting your energy and intuitive strength
  • How to Give Blessings: Reiki III level

Reiki Master (Facilitator Training)

Ascension, Oneness, Unconditional Love, Inner Peace Journey

Dedicated practice to become a Reiki Master. Enhance awareness and frequency to master level, attuning others, and serving the community. After becoming a master, you can start learning more advanced energies like Karuna energy and Kundalini energy.

Bonus: 1. Reiki grid for love energy, 2. Downloading/Transmitting your own energy symbols, 3. Introduction to Reiki Feng Shui, 4. Introduction to Reiki Sound Healing.

Prerequisite: Completion of Reiki III and invitation from a Reiki Master

Duration: Three days, 21-24 hours + 6-month discussion group

  • Energy Activation (Attunement): Elevate your energy field to master level. Strongly protect yourself and attune others.
  • Space Cleansing (Reiki Feng Shui): Harmonizing energy in various environments—home, office, or hotel.
  • Breathwork (Spiritual Power): Enhancing body-mind connection: Combining Reiki, breathwork, and hypnotherapy techniques.
  • Energy Identification: Effectively identify and manage high/low-frequency energies (spirits). Bless deceased loved ones.
  • Divine Artifact: Download unique divine artifacts for powerful energy work.

Exclusive at The Extra Club:

  1. Orgonite energy grids: Create energy grids to cleanse spaces, download cosmic messages, and manifest—love, wealth, health.
  2. Reiki Sound Healing: Relax by immersing yourself in healing sounds infused with Reiki.
  3. Reiki YO+: Enhance physical strength and root chakra energy through Reiki, yoga, and exercise science.
  4. Happiness Meditation: Discover and align with your life mission through guided meditation and hypnotherapy, creating a joyful life.

Investment in Health:
  • Reiki I / II: $3,800
  • Reiki III: $8,800
  • Reiki Master: $12,888 (includes a master-level unique energy stone)
Special Offers:
  • Reiki I + II: $6,600
  • Reiki I with a Friend: $6,600 for two people (save $1,000)
  • Reiki I - III: $13,300 (save $3,100) + 6 months of unlimited attunements
  • Reiki I - III Installment Plan: $2,733 per month, 6 months interest-free installments + 6 months of unlimited attunements
  • Reiki Master: Includes a unique master-level orgonite. Unlimited participation in group attunements/healings for 6 months, with the option to bring two friends for free each time.
Additional Discounts:
  • Graduates who refer three friends to the Reiki courses receive a 50% discount on their next course. (Reiki II: Save $1,900, Reiki III: Save $4,400, Reiki Master: Save $6,444!)
  • Past Reiki graduates can retake any Reiki course at a 50% discount to further enhance their skills and connect with different exquisite healers.
  • Each level can only use one discount offer. All final decisions are at the discretion of the program.

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    從 HK$0.00 到 HK$13,300.00
    • HK$0.00
    • HK$3,800.00
    • HK$6,600.00
    • HK$6,600.00
    • HK$13,300.00




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