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Reiki Sound Spa


  • 1 h
  • 2,222 Hong Kong dollars
  • Client's place/ Hong Kong Sheung Wan

Service Description

In our tranquil setting, clients will partake in an exclusive meditation session, blending the healing energy of Reiki with the resonating vibrations of healing instruments like Singing Bowl and Gong. This tailored experience, led by our proficient Meditation Teacher, aligns with the client's chakras to cultivate balance and heightened self-awareness. Within the session, the Singing Bowl may be gently placed on the body, akin to a sound massage, allowing the vibrations to penetrate deeper into the chakras, enhancing the healing effect. Post-meditation, clients are invited to share their experiences, nurturing a sense of community. This unique Sound spa and Reiki journey offers numerous benefits, including improved sleep, reduced stress, enhanced productivity, and a profound sense of calmness, leaving participants feeling lighter and more attuned to their true selves. Package: 1hr $2,222 5hr $9,999 10hr $18,888 在我們寧靜的環境中,您將參與一場獨特的體驗,感受療癒樂器的共振振動與靈氣的能量相結合。這種特製的體驗在我們專業的冥想老師的引導下,與客戶的脈輪相對應,以培養平衡感和提高自我覺察力。 在課程中,頌缽可能會溫和地放在身體上,就像音療按摩一樣,讓振動更深入地滲透脈輪,提升治療效果。 冥想後,我們邀請客戶分享他們的體驗。這個獨特的鈴缽和靈氣之旅提供了許多好處,包括改善睡眠,減少壓力,提高生產力,以及深深的寧靜感,讓參與者感覺更輕松,更能與真實的自我保持一致。 套票優惠: 1hr $2,222 5hr $9,999 10hr $18,888

Cancellation Policy

1. Payment is required upfront. 2. Refund is only possible if the booking is cancelled by The Extra Club. The Extra Club reserved all rights.

Contact Details


Room D, 10/F, Unionway Commercial Centre 283 Queen's Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

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