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Reiki Sea Drum Meditation


  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 22 pax / HKD 3,600+
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Cultivating Relaxation, Performance and Mental Clarity Sample program: No. of participant: 22 pax Event duration: 1.5 hr Indicative price: HKD 3,600 + Venue cost Reiki Sea Drum Meditation Discover the power of Reiki Meditation, validated by Harvard to reduce depression, anxiety, and pain, with The Extra Club. Our unique program blends meditation, light stretching, soothing sea drum sounds, and the relaxing aroma of Palo Santo. Embark on a transformative meditation journey, learn about life force energy, and enhance your wellbeing. Perfect for city dwellers seeking stress relief and self-healing exploration. REMINDERS 1. The guided meditation will be conducted in selected language 2. Wear light comfortable clothing and a smile e.g. light color loose cotton clothing or yoga outfit 3. For your comfort during the meditation, bring some water, light blanket / scarf, and eye masks as you wish 4. Avoid coffee, alcohol or other medication at least 1 hour before the meditation session (so you are not disturbed by the urge going to bathroom) 5. Eat lightly before; an empty stomach is best- you don't want to be using your energy digesting food. Ideally stop food intake 1 hour before meditation. As a minimum, your last bite should be 30 minutes before meditation starts 靈氣海⿎冥想 體驗被哈佛研究認可的靈氣冥想⼒量, 它可以減少抑鬱,焦慮和疼痛。結合了冥想,輕柔的伸展運動,舒緩的海⿎聲⾳,以及聖⽊的放鬆⾹氣。踏上⼀場不一樣的冥想之旅,學習有關⽣命⼒量的基礎知識,並提升幸福感。這是緩解壓⼒和⾃我療癒的理想選擇。 小提示 1. 這次的引導冥想將會以選擇的語言進⾏。 2. 穿上輕便舒服的⾐服,像是淺⾊的寬鬆棉T或瑜伽服,保持開懷的心。 3. 為了您在冥想期間感到舒適,請帶⽔,輕便的毯⼦或圍⼱,帶眼罩亦可。 4. 冥想前⼀⼩時,請停止攝取咖啡、酒或其他藥物。 5. 冥想前盡量攝取輕⻝,空腹最佳,消化⻝物會耗掉能量。理想的話,冥想前⼀⼩時請停止進食,最少在冥想開始前30分鐘完成進食。

Cancellation Policy

1. Payment is required upfront. 2. Refund is only possible if the booking is cancelled by The Extra Club. The Extra Club reserved all rights.

Contact Details


Room D, 10/F, Unionway Commercial Centre 283 Queen's Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

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