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靈氣遊玩公益夜 Reiki fun charity night

Unleash the Power of Energy for a Night of Charity and Fun 釋放能量的力量,共度公益與歡樂之夜

  • 1 h
  • 澳門量思 The Extra Club Macau

Service Description

靈氣遊玩公益夜 逢星期五 8-9 pm 遊玩式療癒自己同時支持精神健康 建議捐款: $200。亦可選擇使用能量生命証作捐款 。 加入我們參加迷人的遊玩公益夜,在輕鬆的社交氛圍中深入探索能量和靈性的世界。🌟✨ 在這個身臨其境的體驗中,您將學習如何發送和接收靈氣能量,發現將水與靈氣能量相結合的藝術,並探索掃描和閱讀他人脈輪或光環的迷人實踐。🔮🌈 但這還不是全部!此活動還為您提供一個安全和無偏見的空間,讓您與我們和您的新靈性朋友建立聯繫。在支持性的社交環境中進行有意義的對話,分享您最新的靈性體驗和洞察。🗣️💖 為了增添晚上的樂趣,我們將提供輕飲,為放鬆和社交氛圍增添樂趣。🍹🥤 加入我們,在充滿樂趣的學習、分享和社交之夜中體驗靈氣帶來的喜悅和奇蹟。立即預訂您的位置,與志同道合的人一起展開自我探索和靈性探索的旅程。🌌🌺 與量思能量療癒師一同透過靈氣能量遊戲,交流,同時回饋社會,結交志同道合的美麗靈魂。 30%的收益將捐贈給澳門扶康會,支援包括精神康復者、智障人士和自閉症患者在內的弱勢社群。為社會做出貢獻。 開放給所有人士參加並且可以隨意付款。與志同道合的靈魂一同體驗靈氣的力量。 #公益 #回饋社會 療愈自我 #志同道合 #能量療愈 Reiki Charity night Every Friday 8 - 9 pm Join us for an enchanting one-hour Reiki Fun Night event where you can delve into the world of energy and spirituality while enjoying a social atmosphere. 🌟✨ During this immersive experience, you will learn how to send and receive Reiki energy, discover the art of infusing water with Reiki energy, and explore the fascinating practices of scanning and reading another person's chakras or aura. 🔮🌈 But that's not all! This event also provides a safe and non-judgmental space for you to connect with us and your new spiritual friends. Engage in meaningful conversations and share your latest spiritual encounters and insights in a supportive social environment. 🗣️💖 To enhance the enjoyment of the evening, light drinks will be provided, adding to the relaxed and social atmosphere. 🍹🥤 Come and experience the joy and wonder of Reiki in a fun-filled evening of learning, sharing, and social connection. Reserve your spot now and embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual exploration in the company of like-minded individuals. 🌌🌺 #PublicService #Charity #SelfHealing #giveback #Social

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

1. Payment is required upfront. 2. Refund is only possible if the booking is cancelled by The Extra Club. The Extra Club reserved all rights.

Contact Details

  • 宋玉生廣場181 - 187號光輝商業中心12樓N座

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