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靈氣天珠療癒 Reiki Healing with Sky Bead

  • 1 hour
  • 澳門量思 The Extra Club Macau

Service Description

靈氣天珠療癒 逢星期三 8 - 9 pm 體驗價: $200。可使用能量生命証 。 Reiki Healing with Sky Bead Every Wednessday 8 - 9 pm First trial: $200. You can also use Energy Pass. **靈氣與天珠能量療法:喚醒您的潛能,改善睡眠、放鬆、康復及關係療癒** 體驗結合靈氣與天珠的能量療愈服務,這種獨特的組合旨在調和並增強您身體的自然療愈能力,涵蓋從身體健康到情感和精神福祉的各種需求。 ### 主要好處: - **改善睡眠**:透過靈氣和天珠療法安撫您的心靈並減少壓力,幫助重新設定您的睡眠週期,讓您擁有更深層、更有恢復力的睡眠。 - **增強放鬆**:達到深度放鬆的狀態。此療法輕柔地釋放身體緊張,撫慰神經系統,促進心理狀態的平和。 - **嚴重疾病康復**:通過增強身體的能量流,支持您從嚴重疾病中康復,這可以增強免疫系統並加速療愈過程。 - **金錢障礙**:解決和清除與財務相關的潛意識能量障礙,培養一種吸引財富和消除財務成功障礙的心態。 - **職業障礙* **Reiki and Sky Bead Energy Healing: Unlock Your Potential for Better Sleep, Relaxation, Recovery, and Relationship Healing** Experience the transformative power of combining Reiki and Sky Bead therapy with our specialized energy healing service. This unique blend is designed to harmonize and enhance your body's natural healing abilities, addressing a range of concerns from physical health to emotional and spiritual well-being. ### Key Benefits: - **Better Sleep**: Dive into a deeper, more restorative sleep as Reiki and Sky Bead therapy work to calm your mind and reduce stress, helping to reset your sleep cycle. - **Enhanced Relaxation**: Achieve a profound state of relaxation. This therapy gently releases tension from the body, soothing the nervous system, and fostering a peaceful mental state. - **Serious Illness Recovery**: Support your recovery from serious illnesses by enhancing your body’s energy flow, which can strengthen the immune system and accelerate the healing process. - **Money Blockages**: Address and clear subconscious energy blockages related to finances, fostering a mindset that attracts prosperity and removes obstacles to financial success. - **Career Blockages**: Unblock paths in your professional life, enhancing clarity and motivation, and opening doors to new opportunities and career advancements. - **Relationship Blockages**: Heal and improve relationships by resolving emotional wounds and misunderstandings. This therapy helps to clear blockages that hinder communication and trust, fostering deeper connections and harmony. Our service integrates the gentle, healing touch of Reiki with the powerful vibrational qualities of Sky Bead, creating a synergy that promotes overall health and opens up pathways to personal and professional growth. Whether you're coping with physical ailments, seeking deeper relaxation, or aiming to overcome personal blockages, our Reiki and Sky Bead Energy Healing service offers a holistic solution tailored to your needs.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

1. Payment is required upfront. 2. Refund is only possible if the booking is cancelled by The Extra Club. The Extra Club reserved all rights.

Contact Details

  • 宋玉生廣場181 - 187號光輝商業中心12樓N座


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